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The role of learning mechanisms in understanding spoken language

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SN: 852733
Title: The role of learning mechanisms in understanding spoken language
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-852733
Depositor: Jennifer Rodd, University College London
Principal investigator(s): Rodd, J, University College London
Sponsor(s): Economic and Social Research Council
Grant number: ES/K013351/1


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Rodd, J. (2018). The role of learning mechanisms in understanding spoken language. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 852733,

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Abstract copyright data collection owner.

This collection consists of data from psycholinguisic experiments. This research explores the contribution of learning mechanisms to meaning selection in healthy adults. For example, someone who had recently taken up gardening or card-playing could potentially make meaning selection easier for “spade” by using their recent experience to make better predictions about which meaning is likely to be encountered in the future. Additional experiments will explore whether listeners take into account the speaker’s identity or accent to aid their interpretation of ambiguous words. This research will form the basis for future attempts to characterise the precise difficulties of individuals/groups with comprehension deficits.

To understand speech listeners must accurately and rapidly select the correct meaning for each word they encounter. For example they might need to determine, on the basis of sentence context, whether the word “spade” refers to a digging tool or a card suit. Despite the apparent ease with which listeners usually accomplish this task, meaning selection is known to be cognitive demanding, and is a source of particular difficultly for individuals/groups with comprehension deficits.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Dates of fieldwork: 01 March 2014 - 28 February 2017
Country: United Kingdom
Observation units: Individuals
Kind of data: Alpha-numeric
Method of data collection: Psycho-linguistic experiments (specific details provided in individual documents); A combination of lab-based and web-based experiments measured the impact of different types of experience with ambiguous words on how they are processed after a delay of minutes, days or weeks.

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Date of release:
First edition: 09 July 2018
Latest edition: 09 July 2018 (minor amendments only)
Copyright: Jennifer Rodd, University College London
Access conditions: The Data Collection is available to any user without the requirement for registration for download/access.
Availability: UK Data Service
Contact: Jennifer Rodd, University College London


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The role of learning mechanisms in understanding spoken language

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